Privacy Policy

This policy describes the privacy practices for Push to Talk services, provided by Azetti Networks.

Information Collected by application

PTT client might access your location and share it with other users from your account when sharing is enabled. Location is shared only when application is running. You can disable sharing location in app settings. Location is also stored temporairly in our tracking server so you can see your historical positions.

Push to Talk client does not retain any voice transmissions, texts or images. This information is shared with other users when you send it to them.

Information Sharing

Any information disclosed in transmissions, texts and images can be collected and used by other account and group members on your system with whom you are communicating.

Data storage

We are using third party hosting providers for our service. We store your username, encrypted password, contact and group list.


Services may disclose personally identifiable information including user-name, time stamps, voice recording when it’s required to comply with law enforcement requests.


This privacy policy may be modified from time to time. When changes are significant, we will notify you by publishing it on our website.