SMS Gateway

smsThe Azetti SMS gateway gives your customers access to Value Added Service Providers via SMS, handling multiple SMS application providers and your network infrastructure.

The SMS Gateway is the key element in premium rate messaging environments. It provides the tools to change standard rate SMS messages to premium rate messages, making it possible to charge different rates based on several rules, such as short number, keyword, time of delivery or any combination of these. (SMSC alone is unable to perform this function, as it is in essence a very simple message router.)

The SMS Gateway also acts as a converter from complicated SMSC protocols, like SMPP or CIMD, to more user friendly protocols like HTTP or SOAP. This means that the Value Added Service Providers (VASP) can use SMSC basic web based applications to handle the messages, and no special skills are needed for starting a premium SMS business.

The Azetti SMS Gateway can handle unlimited VASP accounts. For each VASP, the cellular carrier can define its own charging table and the VASP can create its own keyword accounts from the easy-to-use web-interface by using pre-defined charging tables. By allowing VASPs to manage their own accounts, the cellular carrier helps them to implement new services faster, thus increasing revenues for both cellular carrier and VASPs.

The administrator interface has also monitoring tools for amounts of traffic, handler for alerts and report views. Monitoring can also be done via SNMP. The VASP can see its account in real-time from his own web based interface. As with other Azetti products, a SOAP based provisioning interface is provided.

When Azetti developed its SMS Gateway, the Mobile Core Network key point was to make it as powerful as possible. The result was a highly scalable and modular system. For instance, it allows cellular carriers to define their own physical server for each VASP or even for each keyword of the VASP.

The SMS Gateway generates CDR of all messages for billing and statistical purposes. Diameter and other interfaces are also supported.