Wireless Internet Gateway

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The Wireless Internet Gateway sits between mobile devices and the World Wide Web, passing pages from one to the other and providing added services such as authentication.

Most Wireless Internet Gateways in the market are very basic elements, acting merely as a proxy between the mobile phone and content servers. The Azetti Wireless Internet Gateway delivers much more than that: it is a key element for cellular carries to regenerate revenue. Multiple standards support and scalable modular architecture are also key characteristics of its design.

The Azetti Wireless Internet Gateway offers all features needed to access the internet from mobile terminals, supporting both the old fashioned 1.x (WSP stack) and the latest 2.0 (w-HTTP stack) standard based browsers. It has been tested against several hundreds terminal models in GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 networks and also in CDMA 1.x network.

For authentication purposes, the Wireless Internet Gateway sits between the NAS/GGSN/PDSN and the RADIUS accounting server. When a user is successfully authenticated from the user database, and the Wireless Internet Gateway has fetched the user profile from the database, it can either allow or deny the connections based on rules defined in the service database. The Azetti Wireless Internet Gateway also acts like a firewall between the terminal and the content provider. For example, it can filter prohibited content from under-age users or block premium services from prepaid users.

For trusted Value Added Service Providers (VASP), the cellular carrier can define accounts in the Wireless Internet Gateway administrator tool. By using that tool, a cellular carrier can either activate MSISDN forwarding in HTTP headers to the VASP for billing or authentication purposes.

Due to its modular architecture, the Azetti Wireless Internet Gateway supports virtually any prepaid and postpaid billing system. A flexible CDR generator is also included in the Gateway. Like all Azetti carrier grade solutions, the Wireless Internet Gateway also includes all needed interfaces for a single point of accounting such as Diameter.

The state-of-the art administration interface allows cellular carriers to manage user accounts and VASP accounts, as well as monitor alerts and browse logs. There are also several statistical views for analyzing capacity and usage of the Wireless Internet Gateway. The system can also be monitored via SNMP. A SOAP based user provisioning interface is also available.

As an additional module, Azetti offers a Push Proxy Gateway which allows push based services like email and premium content downloads by using a push initiator.