Presence Server

Presence server

Azetti Presence Server provides a way to share availability, willingness and other status information (such as location or personal image) in a 3GPP IMS network.

It includes two main services: the Presence Server itself and a SIP proxy which routes SIP packages. The Azetti Presence Server integrates with OMA compliant XDMS, which can be provided also by Azetti Networks, to store presence information, presence rules (such as who has access to what presence information), and to improve network usage with aggregation policies to distribute presence information among presence clients.

Azetti Presence Server can also interact with other SIP Application Servers to share information. User authentication can be done against the server’s users database, or against authentication servers that the operator already has (RADIUS, DIAMETER, HLR…).

Due to the modular architecture of Azetti Presence Server, it is possible to optionally add integration with other presence protocols/services to share presence information among other networks. This means, for example, interoperability with XMPP networks (GTalk, Jabber), Microsoft OCS, AOL Instant messaging, MSN Messenger or even with Web Applications such as Facebook.

Running on Linux servers, Azetti Presence server is flexible enough to run as standalone service, distributed and/or in a high availability configuration, adapted to the operator’s requirements.