XML Document Management Server


The Azetti Network’s XML Document Management Server (XDMS) is a key IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) element that allows operators to maintain their subscribers’ profile information in a central, secure and easy to access repository. The information can be shared easily with other applications in the network.

This product is available standalone or full-integrated within Azetti’s PoC (PTT over cellular) and Presence Server products.

The Azetti Network’s XDMS can provide numerous IMS services of benefit to subscribers:

  • extending user profile information (e.g. display name, icon, sound)
  • contact lists and synchronization
  • community management
  • establishing multi-user comms (e.g. via Azetti PoC)
  • filtering requests (Do not disturb, white/black lists)
  • media push-to share

In common with all Azetti Network’s products, XDMS, is compliant with Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) standards.

Azetti XDMS provides both XML Configuration Access Protocol (XCAP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) interfaces.

Two enablers are included that allow applications to store XML content: Shared List (for resource-lists and rls-services documents that are common to other IMS components) and Presence Rules (for  rules associated with protecting presence information).

PoC and Presence enablers are also available, together with an API so customers can produce their own enablers.