Multimedia Messaging Service Center

Pro Mmc

The Multi-Media Message center allows the sending and receiving by mobile devices of messages that include multimedia objects such as images, audio, video as well as rich text.

The main objectives of the Azetti MMSC design are standard compliance, modularity and scalability. It is suitable for both MVNOs and primary network providers. All standard interfaces are available, MM1, MM4 and MM7 (XML/SOAP) to optimize MMS traffic. The system is fully compliant with OMA MMSC 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2, and uses the highly cost effective hardware.

The MMSC is tested against several hundreds terminal models in GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 networks and also in CDMA 1.x network. Terminal detection capabilities ensure messages are received in the correct format. An optional transcoding module allows conversion of sound, video and images.

Azetti MMSC interfaces for billing and provisioning can be customized to allow MMSC integration to operator’s existing network easily and cost effectively. The MMSC’s integrated CDR generation allows for detailed CDR logs of all transactions. A Diameter interface is also available.

Modularity allows flexible system configuration starting from a single CPU low-end computer and ending with a clustered and separated solution where each cluster can include tens of high-end multiprocessor computers.

The Web-based administration interface provides an easy to use tool to manage the system, connections, and users and monitor possible alerts generated by the system. All MM7 and MM4 connections, short-codes and message routing can be all defined conveniently in graphical user interface. The CDR reporting tool provides a convenient search and reporting tool for call detail records. The system can also be monitored via SNMP. A SOAP based user provisioning interface is provided.