Azetti is a private company successfully providing competitive carrier-grade platforms and services for mobile operators.

During the past decade, Azetti’s messaging and internet solutions have achieved a strong reputation as highly economical, fully scalable systems. Azetti’s comprehensive product suites are available at low initial cost and are proven to offer a fast and impressive return on investment.

Azetti products are provided under the business model that best suits you, including rented, hosted, and revenue share schemes.

Azetti partners with many companies to provide complete mobile solutions to our growing list of clients

The projects Platform for Semi-Full Duplex communications in 3G and LTE networks (TSI-100102-2014-28) and Livia. Critical Communications Solution (SME-2016-0850-10) have been cofinanced by Minetur within the National Programme for Fostering Excellence in Scientific and Technical Research 2013-2016.